What are dashboards?

Dashboards are a way to get a quick overview of how websites, or a collection of websites, are performing.

They can be used in a variety of ways:

An overview of current module scores for each website on your account, this can also be set to filter which websites are displayed based on any website tags that have been set up.

This can allow a comparison of how different websites or sections within the account are performing, creating a customizable leaderboard.

An overview of more specific areas can also be set up to give a high-level overview showing how each website/section is performing in a certain area.

For example, a focus may be on the content of the web estate, so a dashboard can be created to give a quick comparison of how each website/section is performing for overall Content, Content-specific accessibility, broken links, spelling missing, grammar mistakes, etc.

Graphs of average scores over time can be set up to show how the average scores of the web estate have been performing over the course of the last 12 months.

This can be filtered down to calculate based on specific websites/sections by using the tags feature. Line graphs or tables can be used to show this data, and any score can be shown within the charts.

Specific check categories can be used to list each check related to certain areas, such as checks that relate to writing.

This can enable dashboards to display both general information about module scores, as well as which checks are impacting that score. Showing an overview of a module’s score, and how to increase it on one page.

These are only a few examples intended to give a starting point of what can be done with dashboards. There are a number of widgets that can be added to a dashboard, so they can be customized as required to show information that’s important for users to get a quick overview of how the web estate is performing, or to present specific information.

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