What are Checks?

Checks are the individual tests that Silktide performs on a tested website. For example, “Check and fix misspellings” is a check that happens inside the Content module. Some Checks, such as “Design all pages for mobile” may appear

You can find the complete list of open Checks for a website or section from the report overview screen.

You can also see a list of the open Checks for a specific module such as Content or Accessibility by clicking on the module name, then clicking on the Checks tab on the left.

Check lists are prioritized by importance and the impact on your score.

How to filter Checks

At the top of a Check table, you’ll see a few options for filtering and finding specific checks.

You can filter by:

  • Category, for example Content SEO or Level A accessibility
  • Status, open or closed
  • Assignee, the user or user group who has been assigned responsibility for the check
  • Check name
  • Progress

How to find open issues within a check

To see a list of open issues (i.e. the places where the website is failing to pass a check), click on the Check name inside the list.

The Check details page includes a brief description, a short video explaining what the Check does, a trend graph of the number of issues over time and a list of the individual issues.

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