Understanding your website report

Your website report contains all of the checks across the modules you have active.

These might include any of the following modules:

  • Content (spelling and grammar issues, broken links)
  • Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 compliance)
  • Marketing (SEO improvements, keyword rankings, competitor analysis)
  • User Experience (mobile website performance, speed checks, uptime monitoring)
  • Privacy (GDPR compliance)

On opening your website report, you will find an overview screen that looks like this:

To start, click into the module you’d like to begin working in. Once inside the module, you will find an overview screen that looks like this:

This will provide you with a high level overview on how the pages inside this website report are performing for this particular module.

To begin working through the issues Silktide has found, click on the Checks link in the left-hand navigation.

The Checks screen will show you every task in this module for this website. Clicking on any check will take you to the check details screen.

From inside the check details screen, you’ll find an easy-to-understand description of the problem as well as a table showing the specific issues for this check for the pages in this website report.

Once you’re ready to start fixing a particular issue, click on the visual inspector button (magnifying glass icon).

Learn more about using Silktide’s visual inspector

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