The permissions in Silktide use the RBAC model, or Role-Based Access Control. Choosing these permissions is of the highest importance when beginning the process of setting up your account. Here we will walk through some of the basic principles you’ll want to keep in mind.

Think of it like keycard access to the building. All staff would need to be able to come in the front door, and access the break room, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. That’s your default permissions. But then you start getting into role-specific restrictions. Perhaps the marketing team is on the third floor, so they get access to that door, and no other team does. The developers are on the second floor, so they have different permissions due to different needs. These permissions can be changed at any time, so you could add someone to the ‘breakout rooms’ door access and then rescind it.

The highest level permission assigned always cascades down. While you can assign specific permissions to a single user, we recommend that you make role groups to make monitoring and assigning permissions easier over time. Perhaps you make a role for Dashboard Administrators so that you know anyone who is in that group will have that permission set. Remember that users can be members of multiple role groups, so you could have a Marketing Manager who is also a Dashboard Admin.

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