How to remove pop-ups, banners, and more

Some websites will load a pop-up, cookie banner, chat window or other plugins on every page. These can stop you from seeing your website properly in Silktide.

You can tell Silktide to click on something to get rid of these distractions – for example, the close button on a popup window. To do so, you need a CSS selector that points to whatever you’d like to click on, e.g., .cookie-banner .btn. (If you’re not sure how to get this for your website, contact us and we’ll help).

To tell Silktide to click on your selector, go to Settings > Website settings > Advanced and enter your selector in the box Click selector. You will need to re-test your website afterwards for it to take effect.

If you have multiple things you wish to click, your click selector can be separated by commas. For example, .foo, .bar.

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