How to get SSO set up for your account?


Getting SSO set up with Silktide is a simple process that will require some effort from both IT teams. The steps below outline the typical process that we follow.


  • Silktide only supports Service Provider Initiated login flow.
  • Silktide uses the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authorization standard only.
  • The user’s email address must be the NameID field.
  • Premier or higher service level. If you do not have this, speak with your Account Manager.
  • Permission from your IT Security Desk to enable SSO.


  • Decide if Auto-Provisioning is right for you.
  • If using Auto-Provisioning choose the default permission group(s).
  • Which email domains should be permitted to use this SSO configuration? (e.g.,

Setup steps

Step 1:

Notify your Customer Success Manager via email that you’d like SSO setup. In this email you should include the following:

  • If you want auto-provisioning enabled, and if so, which default permission group(s) your users should be assigned to.
  • A list of email domains you wish to permit to use your SSO connection.

Step 2:

Once received, Silktide will send you:

  • Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL)
  • Entity ID
  • URL for login

This information should be used to set up the connection in your IdP.

Step 3:

Email a copy of your IdP metadata file to your CSM. This metadata file should include your signing certificate.

You must ensure the NameID field in your IdP is set up to use the email address of the user.

In addition to this, you’ll need to send us your mapping information for:

  • full name OR first name and last name
  • email address
  • (if desired) friendly name/username

Step 4:

We will create your connection ready for testing typically within 2 business days. We will reach out via email to request a 15-minute call with your team to enable and test the connection.

Step 5:

After testing confirms the setup is correct, our team will remove your existing users from the account and re-create them to ensure all username/password information is no longer stored inside Silktide. This process can cause a temporary interruption to your service.


It typically takes 2-4 days to get SSO set up if you are able to move quickly. By following the steps outlined above, this process should move forward seamlessly. However, everyone’s systems are different; if you are running into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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