How does SSO work with Silktide?

Once your organization has set up SSO in Silktide your users will follow the steps outlined below to log in.

Silktide only supports Service Provider (SP) initiated logins.

  1. Navigate to to start a Service Provider Initiated login.
  2. Enter the user’s email address.
  3. If an SSO configuration match for the email domain is found, the user will be redirected for SSO authentication (IdP).
  4. Upon completing authentication the user will be redirected back to Silktide with one of these outcomes.
    1. If the user account already exists, the user will be automatically logged into Silktide.
    2. If the user does not exist in Silktide and auto-provisioning is enabled, the user account will be created automatically with the inherited permissions from your SSO configuration.
    3. If the user account does not exist in Silktide and auto-provisioning is disabled, the login will fail and the user will be shown a warning message.

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