Does Silktide offer EU or US specific data hosting?

Yes, Silktide offers data hosting in two Regions: EU and US. In Silktide, a Region is an isolated copy of Silktide in a given geographic region.


Many of our customers have a legal requirement to keep their data inside either the EU or US. In particular, public sector websites often cannot use a product where their data is hosted in a different region.


Silktide supports the definition of Regions, each of which has its own:

  • Databases
  • Redis
  • Web servers
  • Endpoints
  • Front-end
  • And so on, as we expand (e.g. Analytics)

They share a minimum slice of data in a Core database, which is used to do things like “list all of Silktide’s customers”. No personally identifiable information (PPI) is stored in the Core database, this is important to satisfy our legal requirements.


Our Silktide Staff permissions support allocation of permission by Region. Staff can therefore be limited to just EU or US customers.

Future expansion

We’re almost guaranteed to add more Regions in future, possibly one for the UK (who increasingly are considered separate from the EU).

It is possible we even have Regions for specific customers, or for testing, or for sharding our customers to increase scalability/reduce single points of failure.

Note that adding a Region currently incurs a significant fixed cost ($thousands/month) due to the base number of services each requires.

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