Click maps screen

These heatmaps give you a view of which elements on your page users were interacting with. Note that this is separate from Frustration.

Why it matters

Click maps are a great example of data visualization. While you can look at a table of which pages are popular, being able to look at a page and see exactly where your visitors are clicking provides far more insights into how they are experiencing your website.

How to use it

The colors flow along the rainbow from red to blue to show you the levels of activity for each area of the page that was clicked on (or tapped on a mobile or tablet).

This is a chance to see where users are clicking, and leverage that to make more informed decisions about your website. For example, if you have a login button at the top of your page, and that is drawing 80% of the clicks from visitors, that may go a long way to explain why your scroll map isn’t looking so great.

Note: If you use the click map style button (it looks like a paintbrush) you can switch between the default view with bold, opaque colors and the ‘subtle’ view that makes those colors transparent so you can see the element that is being clicked on in context more readily.

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