Checks screen

The checks screen shows you what Silktide is recommending to improve an area of your website. Depending on your account, you may have a number of checks screens, including checks for Content, Accessibility, Marketing, User Experience, Privacy and more.

Each check shows you:

  • Title – the name of the check describing the action to take
  • Assignees – the list of assignees if assigned. Selecting the ‘Assign me’ link (or clicking on assignee profile pictures if assigned) will open a modal window to update the check assignees
  • Impact – the overall impact this check’s found issues are having on your scores
  • Priority – the priority of the check shown as a colored icon of a specific shape to the left-hand side of the check

Priorities range from:

  • Red circle (highest priority)
  • Orange triangle
  • Yellow square
  • Grey hexagon (lowest priority)

You can select any check to view a detailed description, additional help content such as videos guides, and the list of website areas failing this check.

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