Adding a website

To add a site to the Silktide platform, go to the main screen by clicking either Websites or the S logo in the top left of the screen. When on this account overview screen, you will see a + New website button on the top right under your profile icon. Clicking this will take you to the New website interface.

When adding a site to Silktide, all of the settings are exposed at the start.

Only Step 1 (website settings) is required. Once you have clicked the Save button at the bottom of Step 1, the Start testing button on the left will be enabled and you can click it to get the report started without working through the rest of the settings.

The remaining settings are optional and can be revisited at any time by looking at the report and clicking on Settings in the top right.

Testing password protected websites

If the website requires a username and password to be viewed, Silktide will ask for these when you try to add the website (see testing password protected websites).

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